Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

 What Must Be Approved? 

All projects done to the exterior of your home, excluding planting seasonal flowers in existing flower beds mustbe approved by the ACC.   The ACC exists to ensure that all changes to the exterior of a home comports with the approved ACC Guidelines.  This includes: 

  • Ornamentals, hanging planters, new flower beds, or other front-yard adjustments.

  • Exterior lighting, including backyard if it is visible above fence.

  • Windows and all exterior doors, including storm/screen doors.

  • Backyard sheds if visible above fence.

  • Backyard decks.

  • Fence extensions for end lots.

  • Exterior home colors.  (All exterior colors must comport with original McCormick Colonial exterior color collection.)

Please print and complete the ACC application (MS Word document) and send to to kickstart your ACC requests!

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