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The HOA Board of Directors is comprised of members who are elected on a rotating basis at the Annual Association Meeting.  The Property Manager addresses day-to-day business for the community and should be contacted for all matters.


While the Board is responsible for establishing and enforcing regulations in concert with our governing documents, it has four standing volunteer committees that assist it on various matters. These committees are Communications, Community Operations (Grounds), Traffic and Safety, and the Architecture Control Committee (ACC).  If you are a resident and would like to help your HOA, please contact the Property Manager.

Board of Directors

Thom Hostetter, Manigold Ct.



Joanne Ontko, Amesbury Ct.


Diane Pavlovich, Manigold Ct.


Pat Robinson, Blanford Ct. 

Capitol Property Management


Cristi Aguirre

Capitol Property Management

3914 Centreville Rd., Ste. 300

Centreville, VA 20151

Phone: (703) 707-6404

24-Hour: (703) 481-1918

FAX: (703) 707-6401

For all emergencies, call 911

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